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This is the first post in a great series


Dear readers, welcome to the start of Ink Chromatography‘s first week-long series: The MSG Files! Are you ready?!

Beginning today, I will post a new entry every day about the controversial food additive, MSG. This series started out as a single essay, but I had so much fun learning about MSG that, before long, I had too much to say for just one post. Reading about food additives and our perception of tastes has certainly made eating a different experience for me. I hope you find the subject equally eye-opening! At the end of the series, I’ll put up a list of sources for further reading.

So without further ado, here marks the start of everything you have ever wanted to know about MSG —

PART I: What is Glutamate?/ The History of MSG

Slices of raw lotus root (ǒu)

I learned my way around a kitchen by…

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