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How Gay Marriage Broke Through the Voting Booth Barrier

Marriage has evolved over thousands of years; it is about time.


On Election Day, voters in Maine, Maryland, and (in a tight vote where mail ballots continue to be processed) Washington made history when they voted to allow same-sex couples to marry.These ballot measures were the first state-wide votes approving same-sex marriage, which had been enacted previously only through legislative or judicial actions. Minnesotans also changed gay politics: they were the first to reject a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. (Half the states have approved such amendments, which have almost always passed with easy majorities.)

Over the past 15 years, Americans have become steadily more supportive of marriage rights for gay couples. According to Gallup, exactly half the country now supports legalizing gay marriage. But it took years for popular opinion to change, so gay-marriage advocates fought most of their battles in courts and, later, legislatures. (The first state to legalize gay marriage was Massachusetts, whose Supreme…

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Thank goodness. I am still nervous, but maybe this will stop some of the bullying.

CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) — The Justice Department Friday announced that it is dispatching more than 780 federal observers and monitors to 23 states to watch for potential problems which would violate voting rights protected by federal law.

The Justice Department said it was sending observers to 51 jurisdictions in those states to help enforce federal voting rights laws which protect ballot access.

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